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April 21th 2021



Reportage de Radio-Canada du mercredi 28 avril 2021.
Gluten, l'ennemi public?


February 14th 2020


Manuals references update. 

April 10th 2019


The certification's LOGO has been updated.

More information in tab "Services+ > Labelling & Certifications"


March 27th 2019


New - The "Participating manufacturers" tab has been added.


This tab contains the manufacturer's LOGO that send us their gluten-free product list.


A big thank you to all these manufacturers !!


Registration is required to access the online “GF Products List 28,000+” and the “Income Tax Tool".





This Web site was built by volunteers to help all Canadians who are allergic to gluten (celiac disease) or suffer from dermatitis herpetiformis.


The information on this web site is provided as is. We accept no responsibility for any error or prejudice such error could cause.
We are not automatically informed of changes made by manufacturers. We can only offer what our months of research and ongoing correspondence with manufacturers have provided.


You find that determining the incremental cost of gluten-free products is complicated?
You get lost in the confusion of different product packaging?
You don’t claim the extra cost of gluten-free products as a medical expense because you feel it is not worth the trouble?


You will find on the “Income Tax Tool v2.1” page a tool that is unique in Canada and totally free.
The tool’s goal is to free you up of all the research so you only have to enter your annual purchases. All the income tax reclaim calculations will be done automatically for you including the sales taxes in your province or territory. It is a simple, powerful and easy to use tool.


You will find many useful links on topics such as medication including the generics, Health-Canada licenced natural health products, travelling and much more.



We think this Web site can make a REAL improvement in your life. We truly hope that you will take advantage of it, as we do.