Do you have a reliable restaurant list?

Please take notice that we do not maintain restaurant lists.

There are several lists of restaurants from reputable sources available on the Internet:


Canada GF certified restaurants



Canadian Celiac Association - Local Chapters

Each "Canadian Chapter" provide his own restaurant list. They can be reach via the following link:

Those lists are updated daily based on suggestions and comments from the different chapters of the Canadian Celiac Association.


Canadian Celiac Association – Quebec Chapter

The Quebec Chapter of the Canadian Celiac Association offers its members a list of restaurants in Quebec with regular updates.



Fondation Québécoise de la Maladie Cœliaque (FQMC)

The FQMC has a list of about 200 restaurants in Québec available to its members.



This is the Restaurants thread of a Quebec forum on gluten.




Restaurants in the United States of America

Gluten-Free Restaurant Awareness Program®

Click the button in the "FIND A RESTAURANT" box to access a list of over 1,600 restaurants in the US.
You can search by state or by zip code.

NFCA Green Certification

Please heed the warning to “contact the restaurant to confirm that gluten-free protocols are still in place.”


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