How to search in the files?

If you can’t find what you are looking for using the INDEX tab, here is another way of searching the files.

To search the whole content of the Reference DB and Simplified products list files, you can use Excel’s Find and Replace function.

• This function is also available in OpenOffice’s spreadsheet and in Excel Viewer.
• This function is not available in Mobile Services.

1. Use the Ctrl+F key combination to open the “Find and Replace” window.
2. Stay in the “Find” tab.
3. Enter your search word(s) in the “Find what” field.
4. Select “Workbook” in the “Within” field to search the entire workbook.
5. Click on “Find All”.

Below is an example of a search for “Hamburger buns” :

search function

Excel 2003 returns only exact matches. Excel 2010 has a more flexible search algorithm.

You might also need to specify search words in French as certain entries have no English equivalent.

Click on any result line to go to that specific entry.


New search arguments for “Find all” function

  • You can find gluten-free certified products based on the following certification codes: GFCP, GFCO, NFCA, CSA and QAI.
  • You wish to buy locally as much as possible? Use the province or territory code to obtain a list of products and manufacturers from that province or territory.


The province and territory codes are:

Code  Province

ABCA  Alberta

BCCA  British Columbia

MBCA  Manitoba

NBCA  New Brunswick

NLCA  Newfoundland and Labrador

NTCA  Northwest Territories

NSCA  Nova Scotia

NUCA  Nunavut

ONCA  Ontario

PECA  Prince Edward Island

QCCA  Québec

SKCA  Saskatchewan

YTCA  Yukon