What about cross-contamination?

Status on Gluten cross-contamination as of 21 September 2012

It must be noted that Health Canada’s new law effective 4 August 2012 does not cover cross-contamination.
There is in effect a risk of abuse in regards to packaging.
This is why we must contact the manufacturers.


All products that appear in our data bases have been validated according to the following criteria:

• Written confirmation obtained through research and/or emails that the product is gluten-free
manufactured in a gluten-free facility;


 • Written confirmation obtained through research and/or emails that the product is gluten-free
manufactured on a dedicated gluten-free production line;


• Written confirmation obtained through research and/or emails that the product is gluten-free
manufactured on a production line that is kept clean through observance of a strict cleaning protocol.


In the last two cases, it is understandable that no manufacturer can provide a 100% guarantee as to the absence of cross-contamination on their production line(s).

Therefore, in those two cases, zero-risk does not exist!!!

However, we do have written confirmation from manufacturers that they provide their employees with strict working rules and appropriate training.

To ensure the utmost reliability of the information contained in our data bases, we have provided all possible links to manufacturers’ Web sites.


Manufacturers who comply with HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points) in their production line cleaning protocols are submitted to very strict verification by the MAPAQ (ministère de l’Agriculture, des Pêcheries et de l’Alimentation du Québec). HACCP certification is costly and manufacturers tend to not want to lose such certification.

When researching a manufacturer, we will engage in as many exchanges as needed to obtain the high level of reliability we thrive for in our data bases.

Also, we have developed a tool to validate the ingredients of a product when these are made available to us. This tool is kept up to date according to Health Canada’s information on ingredients, including food additives.


The only way for you to keep risks at a strict minimum is to consume only products that are certified gluten-free.

The following link provides detailed information on certification programs in North America and Europe:

However, consuming only certified gluten-free products is somewhat restrictive, considering that our data bases contain only:
• 46 GFCO-certified manufacturers
• 11 CSA-certified manufacturers
• 0 QAI- and NFCA-certified manufacturers
• 0 GFCP-certified manufacturers
• 17 Gluten-Free and HACCP certified cleaning protocols


To find these, use Excel’s FIND ALL or SEARCH ALL function. Use this link for information on how to use this function:


Still, after all this has been said, we must reiterate:
This Web site and the data herein are provided for your convenience only and we accept no responsibility whatsoever in case of errors or any prejudice to you. We are not kept proactively informed of any changes made by the manufacturers. Any information we provide is as current as we can make it through extensive research and correspondence with the manufacturers.


It must also be noted that the highest risk of cross-contamination remains in your home. Controlling cross-contamination in the home requires constant vigilance, especially in the presence of children.


We try our best to help the celiac community. For your own peace of mind, you may always add your own research.

For additionnal questions on cross-contamination, please contact us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.