Drugs and Natural Health Products available in Canada

You have questions about medication sold in Canada. Which medication contains gluten? What about the generics? What gluten-free health products are available?

Ask your pharmacist, or take a look at these web sites:


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These sites contain a lot of information on medication, often including non-medicinal ingredients.


Searches in Health Canada’s drug database can be made using multiple criteria such as:
- Product name
- Ingredient name
Note that searches are faster with the DIN.

A search will return a list of products.

CLICK on a product will provide the list of medicinal ingredients.
It does not give you the non-medicinal ingredients but it gives the supplier name.
From there you can make specific research on the supplier's Internet site or you can look at:

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If you want to know if a natural health product is gluten free, you can verify it in the Licensed Natural Health Products Database of Health Canada with this link above.

On 14 November 2010, there was 24825 Licensed Natural Health Products.
You can make searches using many criteria for examples:
- Product name
- Ingredient name
The search is much faster if you have the exact DIN number.

With the « Advanced Search » button, you can combine many criteria for more specific research for example:
- Product name Begins with Calcium AND
- Ingredient name Does not contain Gluten

You will receive a list of matching search products.
CLICK on the “Licence number” on your left near the product your looking for to get the detail information.
You just have to check the “Non-Medicinal Ingredients” section description.

If you receive the following message:
"Your session has expired"
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