Glutino cease production of corn starch-based breads

Dear Sir or Madam,

It has come to my attention this past October 15th that you are planning to cease production of all your corn starch-based breads. I sincerely hope you will reconsider this decision and continue to help people with celiac disease fulfill their basic nutrition needs. Please take into account the following:

  • People with celiac disease are very much exposed to rice flour. It is found in most store-bought products such as desserts, prepared meals, pastries, breads, flour mixes, etc. 
  • Rice has a very high glycemic index. 
  • As mentioned in a recent episode of the TV series "L'Épicerie" (Radio-Canada, 2 October 2013), rice produced in the USA contains arsenic at a level of 300 ppb.
  • The standard in China is 150 ppb. The World Health Organization is very much concerned by this issue and is expected to publish a standard. 
  • Due to their consumption of rice and rice products, people with celiac disease are at a higher risk.
  • Breads made with corn starch have a different taste and represent an interesting alternative to rice-based products.
  • I feel that it is important to offer people with celiac disease a variety of food options that is as wide as possible. This helps lessen the psychological impacts of this disease.
  • Furthermore, your breads stand out from other products in the marketplace. Other manufacturers offer flour mixes that include corn starch, but only you provide breads made essentially with corn starch.

In the name of all people with celiac disease, and considering the consequences for them, I ask that you reconsider your decision to stop the production of breads made from corn starch.

I thank you for your attention and remain hopeful of a positive response to this request.



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