Web site improvements as of April 2012

In an effort to simplify its use and expand its functionalities, many improvements have been made to this site:

  • Language selection
    French or English is automatically selected according to your Windows specifications. Your preferred language may also be specified in your profile (see the “Your profile” menu below).


  • Streamlined main menu
    The “Welcome”, “About us” and “Contact us” tabs have been moved to the top of the page.
    Some entries have been grouped in sub-menus in order to reduce the number of tabs down to four. These entries are now accessible by clicking on the appropriate main menu link.


  • “Your profile” menu
    The “Your profile” menu appears once you are logged in. It provides you the ability to change your password, your email address, and your preferred language.


  • Product List and Tax Tool
    The Product List and Tax Tool sub-menus are only available once you are logged in.


  • “Recent changes” menu
    This new menu is available through a link in the main menu (which you obviously found since you are reading this).

Other improvements will be made shortly. They will be documented in the “Recent changes” menu.